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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 2

February 2381

The Rhea is involved in the defence of a Federation world against the Borg, and survives.

March 2381
The Titan resumes its voyage of exploration.

The Typhon Pact forms. It is composed of the Romulan Star Empire, the Gorn Empire, the Breen Confederacy, the Tholian Alliance, the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Holy Order of the Kinshaya. The Typhon Pact forms in opposition to the Federation...

July 2381

August 2381
The Enterprise patrols the Federation – Tzenkethi border.

October 2381

The issues surrounding the Borg attack the previous year continue into this year...

1 January
The Rhea begins assisting at a Federation refugee world.

1 February
A meeting begins between the Federation and some of the lesser Gamma Quadrant powers at Deep Space Nine. A major topic of the meeting is the issue of whether or not the Typhon Pact is allowed access to the Gamma Quadrant.

2 February
The Rhea begins to patrol along the Federation Tzenkethi border.

4 February

7 February
The Enterprise begins to patrol the Federation – Tholian border.

11 February
The meeting at Deep Space Nine ends.

17 February
The Rhea’s mission of patrol ends.

24 February
The Enterprise’s mission of patrol ends.

15 March
President Bacco is present at the resumption of the Cestus III Series.

1 April
The Rhea begins a new voyage of exploration.

1 June
Titan enters a small star formation region.

2 June
Titan begins to discover an ecosystem of cosmozoans.

1 September
A 7th nation joins the Typhon Pact.

2 September
The Enterprise begins a new voyage of exploration.

1 October
Titan discovers a Tholian presence in a distant system.

2 October
The Typhon Pact announces that the denial of access to the Gamma Quadrant that the Khitomer Alliance has subjected to them is unacceptable.

4 October
The Typhon Pact announces that they plan to develop Quantum Slipstream.

7 October
The Enterprise discovers an abandoned Preserver base.

11 October
A Tzenkethi ship attempts to enter the Bajoran Wormhole, but Deep Space 9 officers aboard the Defiant ate able to defeat the attempt.

16 October
The Rhea enters the Gum nebula.

22 October
Titan returns to the Federation to report the Tholian presence in the distant system.

1 November
Titan enters the Gamma Quadrant and begins another voyage of exploration.

2 December
Rhea enters an unexplored region of the Gum Nebula.


3 January
The Federation establishes a new colony in the Gamma Quadrant (New Racantha).

4 January
New Racantha comes under attack by an alliance of Rogue Jem’Hadar and the Cheka. The Enterprise, Titan and Defiant respond to the distress call...

6 January
The attack on New Racantha is defeated.

9 January
The Cheka inform the Federation that encroachment on their territory would not be tolerated.

13 January
There is a meeting at Deep Space Nine regarding the attack on New Racantha and the Cheka threat.

18 January
The Squales launch a space station organism into orbit.

22 January
The Rhea assists a (reformed) Pa’haquel fleet at a Hounding.

There are meetings at Deep Space Nine, through the month, regarding the Federation’s membership in the Particle Fountain Consortium.

1 February
The Federation officially joins the Particle Fountain Consortium.

15 April
Data’s dormant memory engrams take over B4, effectively ‘resurrecting’ Data...

10 May
The Rhea discovers a pre-warp world with many levels of civilisation. (Some Civilisations are Iron Age, wheras others are Industrial, or Bronze age.)

1 July
The USS Hygiea NCC 90010 encounters a vessel very similar to a Borg cube deep in the Alpha Quadrant. This is the earliest proof of the existence of the Cybernators...

2 July
At Deep Space Nine, a Bajoran Vedek speaks out against the Federation’s ‘imperialism.’

4 July
The Titan discovers a second life-bearing O-class world.

7 July
The Rhea leaves the Gum Nebula.

11 July
The Tal Shiar and the Kinshaya Inquistion begin to cooperate in their espionage upon the Klingon Empire.

16 August
The Typhon Pact Unified Intelligence Agency begins a policy of mass espionage upon the Khitomer Alliance nations.

22 October
An Enterprise away team rescues a Starfleet Intelligence officer from a base deep in Tzenkethi territory.

The Enterprise explores close to the Gum Nebula.

2 November
The Rhea returns to the Federation.

5 December
The Rhea begins another voyage of exploration.

8 December
The Cheka threaten another Federation colony that they see as encroaching on their territory.


The Deep Space Nine crew fends off a series of attacks from another universe, in a repeat of many incidents involving the Mirror Universe from 7 years before. The station comes under attack from the alternate Bajor, which is a member of an Earth based organisation. (More information about this organisation below...)
It is found that the attacks came from a different universe where the Federation nor a Terran Empire wasn't founded. Where the point of divergence appears to be earlier than the beginning of the 20th Century.
After some investigation into that universe, the station staff finds that the dominant political organisation appears to be an extension of a European Terran nation that had dominated the world before the end of the 20th Century.

The Titan begins a voyage of exploration into the Sagittarius Reach.

The Federation admits its 156th member. The Surakists, a society of Humans that follow the teachings of Surak.

The Hygiea discovers more evidence of Cybernator activity close to Federation space.

The Rhea discovers T’Kon and Iconian ruins on the same world.

A Tal Shiar agent assassinates a member of the Klingon High Council...

A Typhon United Intelligence (TUI) agent assassinates a member of the Cardassian government.

The Bajoran Council of Ministers begins to petition the Federation Council to create an agency that would respond to interdimensional incursions.

The Titan encounters a civilisation that had conquered worlds as they discovered them (and stopped exploring until they had absorbed the previously conquered world).

The Enterprise discovers sites that would be of future importance near the galactic edge.

Vedek Antos, who spoke out against the Federation the year before, organises an anti-Federation demonstration on Deep Space Nine.

Titan discovers a civilisation which had only conquered worlds that are in a plane that correlates with the planetary plane of its home system.

Voyager begins a new voyage of exploration, in the direction of the Alpha Quadrant.

There is a successful rebellion in a distant region of the Klingon Empire. The High Council orders a crackdown on all separatist organisations.

Titan discovers a civilisation similar to the Federation, established only 10 years previously.

A Vulcan colony, New Gol, is established in the Gamma Quadrant.

On Deep Space Nine an agent from the attacking universe is discovered and sent back to the other universe.

The Hygia explores a region of the Gum Nebula.

The Titan discovers a star system where there is a gas giant surrounded by at least 10 inhabited moons, most of which are in the industrial era.

Data re-joins Starfleet, and succeeds Worf as the first officer of the Enterprise. Worf returns to the Diplomatic Corps.

Titan discovers 3 rogue planets, with pre-industrial civilisations. (Near the system with the 10 inhabited moons...)

There is another sighting of Cybernator activity by the Hygeia. They find that the Cybernators are occasionally raiding warp capable planets in a particular sector.

The Federation admits its 157th member.

The Rhea explores near the edge of the galaxy.

On Deep Space Nine, there is a conference about the spheres of influence in the Gamma Quadrant.
As a result of this Bajor gets at least 40% of the Federation influence. (Of which the Federation has more of than the other Alpha Quadrant powers....)
There is more threatening from the Cheka, but it is all bluster, as they are still recovering from the defeat the previous year, they decide to begin building up before they can attempt at further expansionism…

Titan discovers a rogue planet with at least one Renaissance-level civilisation.

Voyager encounters an explorer ship from a distant civilisation. The 2 crews spend time learning from each other before going their separate ways.

The Letheans become the 8th member of the Typhon Pact.

The Federation Council decides to send diplomats to open discussions with the Cheka about their blustering.

Titan discovers another inhabited Rogue planet. This one has Iron Age civilisations.

Voyager encounters another explorer ship from a different distant civilisation. The 2 crews spend time learning from each other before going their separate ways.

The Da Vinci investigates some T’Kon ruins, recently discovered near the planet on which the Portal that was discovered a bit over 20 years prior is still living.

The Even Odds visits the Alpha Quadrant for the 2nd time, looking for a treasure stolen by Ferengi pirates the year before, from a minor Gamma Quadrant power. The Even Odds only stays at the station for a short time within which time Jake Sisko catches up with his friends on its crew, before heading into the Badlands, where rumours say that the treasure is, on a planet that had been colonised by the Maquis shortly before they were defeated by the Dominion.

Titan discovers yet another inhabited rogue planet. This one has Bronze Age societies.

The Aventine explores a nebula 900 light years from Federation space.

The Titan encounters a lost tribe of the Pa’haquel.

A secret from the immediate post war years is revealed at Deep Space Nine.
The Defiant begins a 2 month voyage of exploration deeper into the Gamma Quadrant.

Voyager encounters a massive mystery.

More secrets from the past are unearthed at B'Hala.
There is minor unrest on Bajor as a result of these secrets but they do not cause any permanent damage.
At the end of the year there is a major festival held on Bajor, celebrating around 5 years of relative peace under the Federation.
On New Year’s Eve an attack occurs on Deep Space Nine.

Titan discovers an industrial era planet embroiled in a massive war...

The Cheka refuse to meet Federation diplomats.
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