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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

PsychoPere wrote: View Post
- Along those ambitious lines Head-Crichton is an ingenious method for delving into Scorpy's personal history. It's one horrific history, too. The willingness of the PKs to take in Scorpy, considering what we know about PK feelings towards interspecies coupling (D'Argo, LoLaan, and Jothee, for example), also paints that organization in a different light than we normally see.

- Moya & Pilot don't disregard the crew's wishes often, and rarely in matters not related to Talyn, but I do appreciate those moments where the pair does, reminding the audience that Moya is a living creature with her own mind and opinions.

- Good episode. It was very interesting to see Scorpy's backstory played out. Considering how much of it was spent on Scorpy's ship, as opposed to Moya, I assume that means Scorpy will probably be used sparingly now until "big" episodes hit.

Yeah, 'Incubator' is a good ep. Does a really good job of giving Scorpius a sympathetic backstory while taking away nothing from his sheer badassery.

As for 'big' episodes, yes, and no... that's the beauty of having Harvey as a character... gives us a lot of Scorpy goodness without causing him to decay as a character... but no worries, you'll get plenty of the real deal before the end of the season... :-D

I might recommend that you watch 'Scratch and Sniff' separately from the following 2-parter. They differ a lot in tone, and Scratch n Sniff is a pretty damn funny episode, IMO and deserves to be enjoyed...
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