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Re: Some science fiction "firsts"

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Oh, and Heinlein also invented tribbles, in his very mediocre juvenile The Rolling Stones (the Star Trek writers actually had to get permission from him to use them, even though he called them by a different name.)
Not exactly. David Gerrold based the tribbles on the rabbit overpopulation problem in Australia, and though he's a huge Heinlein fan/emulator, any influence from The Rolling Stones was unconscious at most. The studio's researchers did notice the similarity, and either Roddenberry or Gene Coon called up Heinlein to let him know about it, and he said he didn't see a problem. He later sent a note to Gerrold, which is quoted in Gerrold's nonfiction book about the making of the episode, also entitled The Trouble With Tribbles (on p. 253 of the 1973 Ballantine paperback edition): "Let me add that I felt that the analogy to my flat cats was mild enough to be of no importance -- and we both owe something to Ellis Parker Butler... and possibly to Noah." (Butler wrote a story involving guinea-pig proliferation.)
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