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Re: Minecraft

Canadave wrote: View Post
^ I gotcha, then. I assumed you were just talking about straight-up mining, in which case hollowing the whole thing out would be terribly time consuming.

FWIW, I usually mine in a pattern with central 2X2 corridors, with 1X2 tunnels branching off, leaving two blocks in between each tunnel. That way you can see all the minerals without having to mine out every last damn block.
I'm told the most mathematically efficient way is to do what you described but leave three blocks between each branch tunnel. Since most veins are 2x2 you'll never miss any by leaving 3 blocks in between.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
You can dye wool while it's still on the sheep?? That never would have occurred to me. That's hilarious!

Yeah, you can. It's pretty funny. My friend was showing me by dying a sheep yellow. And you know what else? I saw a black sheep, and my friend claimed that he didn't do anything, so with the advent of different coloured wool, there's a chance for black sheep to spawn. So, that's what got me thinking about mating. What would happen if a red sheep mates with a yellow one? Does that mean there's a chance of an orange one spawning? The possibilities.
I saw a "black sheep" and it dropped "gray wool." Not sure if there are any that drop "black wool" but there you go.
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