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Re: Minecraft

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I think most people just use FRAPS.

I just finished digging out a large area just above the bedrock. 100x50x2. Goddamn, that was a lot of work. Got lots of stuff out of it, though--not to mention a ton of cobblestone.
Did you actually mine out the whole area? There are easier ways to do that, you know.
There are? Do tell. Yes, I went down there with pickaxes and actually dug it out.

Are there ways that don't involve cheating? I'm trying to avoid using InvEdit and so forth and do things legitimately.

ETA: It occurs to me that you might mean there are more mathematically efficient ways to get the minerals from a given area, and I'm well aware. The whole point was actually clearing the area so I can build in it later. The materials I produced from that effort are incidental!
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