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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

What I was also thinking is, did the fact that Ronus was almost 300 years old help to give him some additional standing in Jarol's eyes? After all, she's talking to an "old man" even though he has a middle-aged body, and I imagine that Federation or not, a little bit of respect comes with that kind of age.
Could be. She might instinctively respect that age and knowledge and experience, especially since it includes "Cardassian experience."
I figured. But I bet she didn't expect the "shit my pants" response--that he'd actually say that out loud! And what's worse--humor is the most powerful weapon against a personality like that!!! (I do like, however, that his is not the derisive humor Jadzia had sometimes. Will NOT make a comment about "self-defecating" humor... )
People usually don't admit to their fears that openly in front of her. I think she was amused, but not mean-amused, really amused. He made her laugh.

And I can say for Demok--NOT going to happen! I imagine he'd order cooked ones and have the replicator add vitamins.
I am sure his dinners were complete opposite mine when I was a kid. I did ALL I could not to eat meat, especially jelly-like disgusting grease shaking on pieces of meat, bleh. All veggies were always cleaned off my plates. Mr. Laran Demok cleans all meat and leaves all greens. Or hides it and throws away when Jarol doesn't look. I can imagine all those dried/spoiled peas/lettuce/carrots under his bed he was hiding there and forgetting about them and she was finding when cleaning...
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