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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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I've never talked to the guy, but he hasn't nipped anything of mine in a while, so I never really got too worried. And, like you said, his vids just aren't popular because they don't sync well to the music anyway. I subbed him a while back just to keep an eye out. I think he just wanted clips that fit the 16:9 ratio without doing all the cropping.

If the three of us were in a Castle Anthrax packed with these guys:

We'd be there forever. I don't even know if JR's singing could lure us out.

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^^ And a STAR is NOT born. Sweetie, it would take a phalanx of Tuvok's finest security guards armed with compression phaser rifles to keep an audience from bolting the moment I opened my mouth to "sing". The only reason it was okay for me to do it in college is my friends tended to be too impaired or too tone deaf to notice.
you should really sing.

do it.

do it.

do it.
I just rewatched that one a few nights ago!

Oh.. and no.


No I REALLY shouldn't!
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