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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

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Then there's the tangent issue here of Spock possibly, if not probably, definitely{?}, being a descendant of Arthur Conan Doyle. He is, isn't he? Based on STVI:TUC.

If I'm right then both Spock & Robin {Dick Grayson} are descendants of Arthur Conan Doyle.

How cool is that?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's last direct descendant, his youngest daughter Lena Jean, passed away in 1997 with no children, so there are no remaining direct descendants of Arthur Conan Doyle. Even at the time of ST:VI's writing, she was in her late 70s, thus precluding the possibility of her having any children.

I would speculate that Spock was speaking metaphorically when he quoted Arthur Conan Doyle as an "ancestor" of his. Given Vulcans' near religious adherance to logic, it would seem likely that he would admire Doyle's use of logic and deductive reasoning in the exploits of his character Sherlock Holmes, perhaps even so far as to consider him a "kindred intellect," to borrow another line from ST:VI. Thus, perhaps Spock was using the word "ancestor" in two senses, 1.) in the greater sense that Doyle was a human who preceded Spock in life (simply implying his human ancestry if not necessarily blood-relation ancestry); and 2.) Arthur Conan Doyle was a predecessor of his who is lauded for his use of logic and deductive reasoning, and thus someone whom Spock may percieve in some uniquely Vulcan way as an "ancestor" of his.
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