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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I somehow can't see Liverpool making it this year...

I actually think the proliferation of money might help in an odd way, I mean Tottenham and Man City wouldn't have been considered contenders a few years ago (And Spurs haven't paid really silly money) and the more 'big'clubs there are playing and beating each other, the more likelyhood there is of another team sneaking in...

I think the problem is that the poorer clubs just aren't set up for doing any good in Europe so even if they did qualify they tend to suddenly find themselves playing more games and thus knackering themselves (which happened to Villa) or feel they now have to keep spending to stay in that top four spot (Leeds). Europe was a killer for the likes of Ipswich and Reading in recent times.

Unfortunately for most teams staying in the Prem is the best they can hope for. One reason in many ways I prefer the Championship, because literally anyone can put a decent run together and be a top six side.
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