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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I just have a horrible feeling Waghorn will go somewhere else, we'll say we've been priced out for Davies and then we'll sign that striker from Burton and probably a young inexperienced central defender from a prem side.
Waghorn - looks like it's between us and Preston. We have a couple of factors working in our favour. We're mid-table, Preston are bottom. Derby's close enough to Leicester that Waghorn wouldn't need to upsticks. On the other hand, this is Derby, so I expect that Waghorn will sign for Preston sometime very soon!

Really would like to see just one signing of Barker proportions (maybe if someone offers silly money for Varney?)
Varney will end up at Blackpool for 250k. When this talk of Blackpool's 'first refusal' came up we were very adamant that no such option existed. I think, from memory, that it was Glick Turpin who said this, so I'm inclined to believe it as much as if you told me that the moon was made of cheese.

We'll try to sign Davies from Notts County, and that'll likely be the only signing where we're looking to actually spend money. Only trouble is that once again we've gone about trying to sign him in completely the wrong way. Notts County don't actually need to sell, and instead of trying to work with them, we've instead managed to p1ss off both their manager and chairman.

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Darren Bent has told Sunderland he wants to leave to join he on crack

He wants to leave a top 10 team who are 6th at the moment to join a team that may well get relegated and will not do anything due to a poor manager who only buys french, a chairman whose bored of his club and a team in deep decline + fans who slagged off O'Neill for being 6th three times in a row.

Villa you deserved to be relegated just like West Ham whose fans forced out Curbishley for only being a midtable side
Darren Bent = C**t
Aston Villa fans = C**ts

They deserve each other........and relegation.
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