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I just had one of those "I wish I'd been recording this" minecraft moments. I swear, I just saw a cow attack and kill a creeper!
There I was, 8 blocks above the ground building my new lava wall, a creeper vainly trying to get to me when a cow snuck up from behind and headbutted it into my lava wall. It's this kind of random crap that makes Minecraft great.

I wonder, has anyone suggested to Notch the possibility of an integrated recording feature for the final version?
Hah, that's awesome. I guess you should be glad the cow didn't choose to headbutt you in there

I had an interesting thought last night. What with the dyes now available, it gives some way to track sheep and see where they go. Reminded me of the tagging some people do. Now, imagine if the game had reproductive abilities. Sheep with red wool mates with another sheep, and you don't have one red sheep, but two, and so on.
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