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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

OK, I promised you detailed comments. But I had NO idea I'd written this much until I saw it show up in the thread!

Whoops...I'd thought T'Sarik was a Vulcan, and been wondering if she was v'tosh ka'tur. (Which would've been very interesting as an ambassador, and would prove a lot of Vulcans very wrong. ) But Rigellian...what kind of Rigellian? There seem to be several types. How do you picture her looking?

I am so, so glad to hear how cheerful Saratt is most of the time. Undoubtedly he must have very difficult times, sometimes...but it's nice to know that he's able to approach his life in a generally positive way. As to the prosthetics he's refused...I assume that's for his fingers and toes--and also, maybe, artificial vocal cords? After what he's been through...I can't blame him whatsoever for feeling that way. Especially if he can approach his life, challenges and all, in such a positive way without having to have the "top of the line" everything.

I think I'm going to like Albek. He strikes me as a good old country doctor--but undoubtedly very smart, just like McCoy.

And WOW. Brenok has a lot of guts going toe-to-toe with Jarol like that, especially with their personal relationship. But he WON. I'm proud of him too.

I can't blame him, though, for feeling at first like he had destroyed that relationship, and feeling "uninvited" to dinner. I felt bad for him--but I enjoyed that exchange as he found out that he had not damaged his relationship and they could still be friends.

As for Zamarran...I CANNOT BELIEVE he called Kapoor "his lover," even in the COMPLETELY joking way he did! I didn't realize he had that kind of humor, either! And I like Mrs. Zamarran. I can see exactly how she gets him to soften up.

And Laran...I had no idea he was into cooking! Very nice!

As for that Ronus vs. Jarol conversation, so much to say there! Do you think that the age of the Ronus symbiont helped him to get better "standing" to speak to her, as well as the symbiont's previous experience on Cardassia? After all, that symbiont is probably older than any Cardassian would ever get!

I'm amazed that Jarol was still willing, after all this time and bitterness, to acknowledge that there are still people in the Federation who wanted--and would still want--to give because they have hearts and not because they wanted something in return. As for giving territory to the Klingons and Romulans...totally inexcusable on the Federation's part.

I wonder if Jarol might ever start to believe that there could be a younger generation in the Federation who could learn from their elders' mistakes, and not repeat them. Maybe if some of those elders had the guts to speak up and point out that it was wrong...that could make a difference in your Federation.

That said, I was also pleased to see Ronus call out Jarol on the hypocrisy of her way of solving the problem (when I think there was still another way open).

Now Demok...I loved the "Legate Fostor" story, and the "you'll be my Ocean" line! I feel his pain on the salad, though. I can chew on one all day, but I CANNOT make it go down. It makes me gag. And I mean literally feel like throwing up. Is it that bad for Demok? Thank God for Asian food, in my case, and Southern US food, or I wouldn't get any green stuff in my diet! Maybe someone should give Demok a vegetable soup or stew, or cooked vegetables in a nice, flavorful sauce. That tends to do wonders with the flavor.

As for Ronus...OH MAN, I cannot believe he actually said he "shits his pants," right to Jarol!!! AND THEN SHE ACTUALLY CHECKED TO SEE IF IT WAS LITERALLY TRUE!!

Did she seriously not know that she intimidates people? I had always thought she knew and enjoyed it.

One final question: that line from Ronus--"This symbiont likes its current host" did actually come (partly) from the symbiont itself, didn't it? After the very personal kind of fear Ronus went through in Shadow of the Order, it's good to see this blended personality be able to say that without hesitation.

And it seems--surprisingly--that in the end, Jarol may well be coming to like Ronus.
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