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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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The user "gstarv" has nipped rather large chunks of my vids here and there, too, but he doesn't get that many views. <-- that's one of em. I guess it might be worth checking if he's nipped anything from anyone else.
ROTFLMAO! I watched a couple of his vids a while back and saw that the clips were never related to or in time with the music, so I didn't bother watching any more. I thought he just honestly sucked. I didn't realize he DIShonestly sucked.

Froot, did you say anything to him?

And, um. You might be making a purchase?

ETA: And, um, if KM had been involved with Castle Anthrax, the three of us would never have escaped no matter what J'Rulz did. We might have whacked her over the head with a dead parrot so she's leave us alone!
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