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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

JR to the rescue! Just in time, too; the three of us on our quest for the Holy Grail were just about to be sidetracked by Castle Anthrax. We may have never escaped.

I have a VCR and a device that allows me to rip VCR footage to digital format. I have a feeling I might soon be taking one for the team here...

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ETA: In fact, thumbs down to this dude all around. He has more than one Voyager vid that he simply jacked from other vidders. And it isn't simply ignorance of vidding do's & don't's either. He actually claims in his descriptions that he "worked really hard" on his vids.
That's a shame. I mean, I know we're all working with copyrighted material here, but it does take a lot of effort to put it together in a pleasing or funny way. "Nine to Five" is one of my favorites, too!

The user "gstarv" has nipped rather large chunks of my vids here and there, too, but he doesn't get that many views. <-- that's one of em. I guess it might be worth checking if he's nipped anything from anyone else.
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