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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

We certainly do seem to have a bit of bad luck around these kind of players - Roberts looked solid for Doncaster, just as Connolly looked good for Plymouth, and Albrechtsen looked good for WBA, before we signed them, then they were largely poor.

Of course the obvious point here is that all three played in what were decent sides at the times that they played for them, whereas all have come into relatively poor Derby sides.

Having said that, some players do seem to grow into the role, such as Green, who was solid for Donnie, and then equally if not more so for us.

Addison I think is now more seen as a defensive midfielder rather than a genuine option at the back. That's fine by me. As much as I like Savage, he's clearly not the best option in that role now.

Who will come in, especially at the back, I'd like some experience. To be honest, if it were left to me, I'd like to sign a pair of centre backs, and a left back. Only Brayford warrants his place at the moment.
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