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Re: Jan. Challenge: "On the Conservation of Species"

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An interesting discussion; everyone brings good points that have merits and cannot be ignored. Each person looks at the same problem from a different perspective--the perfect company to discuss important matters and not forget about anything vital.
You're was a good thing for Castellan Rekelen that she had not just the people who were likely to say yes to the things she wants (her two appointees), but Orator Ayret and Leader Miput as well, who are not as likely to just go for what she says, and who are willing to speak their minds to her.

Would the Vulcans want to live among irrational, emotional, religious people and not fear to be influenced by them? I imagine they are going to have a similar meeting soon.
The AU Cardassians would encourage the Vulcans to discuss it openly and fully before making their decision.

I do know that whatever happens, not every Vulcan would come to Cardassia. For instance, I strongly believe the younger Spock intends to declare Earth as his home. But in the case of full-blooded Vulcans, I think that even if a large portion of the refugees accepted the Cardassian offer, there might be one enclave somewhere else.

Of course, the Vulcans would also discuss the logic and the potential impact of such a split at a time when cohesion is strongly needed, especially if it occurred along what you might call "party lines."

So, it's a very complex question, and one they would indeed need to take their time discussing.
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