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I've got a question about Social Network. Was the film too talky? I mean it's a great film, but it felt like a court type movie that could have had an extra bit of spunk. I mean we were getting to the end and I wonder if an extra half hour could have been utilized to bring the film to a better conclusion. It almost felt like the movie stopped at a certain point. Like I said, it was a very good film, but for some reason I get this feeling that a movie like Black Swan, True Grit, or Kings Speech are much more deserving of a Best Picture win if that happens.
I knew it was an Aaron Sorkin written film at the outset, so the thought that it could be anything other than a dialogue-driven affair never occurred to me. It's hard to think of a different approach to the material once I've seen something so styalish (both in the screenwriting and the direction). As for it ending too early, I don't think so. We saw Zuckerberg's realtions--with his best friend, with the twins, and with the Sean Pakrer--and we saw all three of those relationships reach their eventual conclusion. I liked True Grit more as a film, however, and would definitely rank it higher.

8. North by Northwest (A)
9. All of Me (B-)

North by Northwest: This is the third time I've been assigned to closely analyze the visuals of this film in a class, so it's a good thing it's my favorite film by Alfred Hitchcock (or in the very least, it is tied for that position). The last time I re-watched it I noticed all sorts of rear projection. This time my attention was more focused on gay text and subtext surrounding the Martin Landau character. There's really quite a bit in there--I'm especially surprised that the jealousy/woman's intuition exchange made it past the censors.

All of Me: Steve Martin is a very funny physical comedian in this film, but most everything else is entirely by the numbers (Lily Tomlin is good, too, I should note). Considering how out there the premise is (women pays to have her soul transfered into another body when she dies; she ends up in the wrong body--Steve Martin's) it's surprising how dull Carl Reiner's direction is. The movie looks like just about every other generic 80s comedy I've ever seen, and if it didn't have Martin holding it together it would be far less watchable. Still, it is watchable, even if the premise ends up being mostly predictable and uninspired.
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