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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

Voted Excellent, thought the book was overall great.

I loved seeing more of the Romulans; having not read Rihannsu or the first two Titan books, I wasn't as familiar with some of the stuff but was glad to see them and spend some time with our favorite Star Empire.

So, overall, thanks for a really good book, Dave! And you should really check out Doctor Who.

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First: Things couldn't stay as they were. To put it bluntly, happy endings are boring, and Sisko got one: home, with his family, retired. I have no interest in a Sisko that's just off to the side, occasionally dropping in to throw some prophecy our way. Yes, of course there are possibilities in domestic tension or something like that. But, just like Janeway as an admiral made the character difficult to shoehorn into ongoing stories, Sisko as a retiree would do the same. And for my money, if he's around, I want him to be going somewhere.
I think things could definitely have stayed as they were - happy endings are boring only inasmuch as they're endings, but maintaining happiness shouldn't have to be. I was hoping they'd go the Friday Night Lights route with Sisko and Kasidy - show a healthy, happy couple that really do love each other and are doing their best to raise a child, but showing the real challenges and problems that can bring about. There's really good genuine drama there, especially for a religious icon. Intermix it with general Bajoran stuff, and yeah, make him just an occasional guest character.

But now we have this, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Ben (and Kasidy, I'm sure we're not done with her) deal with this unexpected change in their lives.
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