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No, not "Purple."

I got the idea for this contest from the latest issue of American Heritage. There's an article (based on a book called The Last Muster) about surviving photographs of people who actually served in the Revolutionary War. It's pretty amazing.

So the theme here will be 19th Century photography. People, places, things from anywhere in the world-- the only requirement is that the photo must have been taken in the 1800s. And, no, it doesn't necessarily have to be sepia toned.

Oh, and the "no media" rule is lifted for this contest.

My entry, from the magazine article, will be Molly Ferris Akin. She was a Quaker woman who was torn between her desire to participate in the Revolution and her dedication to non-violence. When she discovered a hidden camp of Redcoats, she snuck into their camp and fired off a gun to alert the Americans to their presence. Then she snuck away again, never having hurt anyone.

Have at it, Historians!
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