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Isn't Samurai the first Power Rangers season since Wild Force to have 5 starting rangers instead of 3?
I'm assuming you were asking whether or not PRS is going to be the first season since Wild Force where we're introduced to all 5 Rangers at the same time and witness them become Rangers at the same time (as was the case in the original MMPR and subsequent series). The answer to that question is a resounding 'No, PRS is not the first season since WF where we've seen all 5 'core' Rangers introduced at the same time'. S.P.D., Mystic Force, and Overdrive all introduced their 'core' Rangers as a group in their respective premiere episode(s); the only seasons which have broken that particular formula - and which featured teams of 5 Rangers or more - are Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Jungle Fury, and RPM, all of which began with 'core' teams of 3 Rangers each, and slowly added the other Rangers over the course of the season.
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