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Re: Farscape Complete Series Deal of the Day

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What? I didnt no season one was in fullscreen? WTF! This totally ruins it for me, i hate fullscreen when my computer is widescreen.

And cant get Window Media Player to strech it. Yikes, this sucks.
Why on Earth would you want to stretch video that wasn't intended to be widescreen? That would make the whole video look distorted.
Unfortunately, it's something that has fallen into the "get used to it" category. I got my first widescreen TV last year and it was a top of the line model and one of the first things I discovered is, yes, you can set the image to 4:3, but it doesn't convert the image to 4:3 by itself - it cuts the image off at the sides. I discovered that while trying to watch a Chaplin movie, and later one of the Farscapes. I elected to just keep the image at widescreen and watch it. You do get used to it after a while.

Fortunately, some Blu-ray makers and realizing this issue,and some (not all) 4:3 shows being released to the format such as The Prisoner and Metropolis are formatted on the disc to play at 4:3, so they show without anything being cut off. Hopefully when Chaplin films begin showing up on Blu-ray that'll be done too. Or, for that matter, Farscape and other shows from the era, if they ever upconvert them (hey, stranger things have happened - they're doing Space:1999 for Blu-ray now).

Anyway, you think that screen formatting issues are fun now, just wait till we end up in a "you'll get used to it" situation with force-fed 3-D...

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