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Re: A General Science Refresher

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Just sucks for me (and I imagine a couple others) about how little science is in "Science and Tech". I did a whole rant about it in TNZ last year.
One way to change that status quo is to start science topics yourself.

Science that's new and interesting often gets posted in misc, which leaves us with:

- old science, which we already know and have no reason to talk about.
- uninteresting science, which nobody wants to talk about.
- regular stuff, like news of the latest shuttle launch... which I happen to find uninteresting.
- non-science, which we moderate out.
- hypotheticals, which have a history of drawing a crowd of critics and/or flames.
Oh, I think you're probably totally right (probably totally?). Don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining about it, I'm just getting in a quick whine. Don't know if you were part, but I made a big TNZ thread about this about a year ago, and after that I actually did try starting a thread or two a week in here, but only one or two ever caught on for more that 3-5 posts. So, I figured I'd attack it another way, and add my voice to just about every sciencie thread I saw, regardless of how much that particular subject actually interested me. That's how threads balloon, right? The replies can become exponential. But not much luck that way, either.

I gave it a shot. But now I do just what you said, I'll start one I want in MISC. Can't do it too often though, people get pissy at you if you start too many grown up-themed threads in the middle of the "Talk about you winkie" and "Is bread pudding the seed of Satan?" threads.

I should probably join different fora/boards to get what I really want, but I still have that thing in my head about joining too many interent things. I don't want to be the 21st century version of the old lady with 87 cats all named after Bible characters.

And yes, bread pudding is the seed of Satan. Nasty, nasty stuff.
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