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Re: Treknology - what's next?

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^ Really? I had no idea! You learn something new every day.

I'm pretty certain someone will find a loophole in the clause someday, weapons manufacturers are huge fans weaselling there way round international law. Just look at the devastation thermobaric weapons have on the human body (it basically turns you inside out).
Or we'll just get another neoconservative "I can has geneva conventions?" administration who doesn't give a damn about war crimes and goes and does it anyway.

OTOH there are rumors that the Israelis have been using laser weapons against Hamas for the past two years now as a kind of anti-terrorist sniper weapon. I don't know if there's anything to it or not, mainly a series of inexplicable fires and some confused reports about bright flashes of light coming apparently out of nowhere. With the Israelis, you never know...

How different are lasers and phasers? If someone did invent phaser technology and it was far enough removed from laser technology, would it then be legal to use?
Well, it would essentially have to be a type of directed energy weapon that doesn't emit visible light. Basically, a laser emitting radiation in the far infrared range or (alternately) something in the x-ray/gamma ray spectrum. That wouldn't have alot of the same effects as a laser, but it might have some other interesting effects. Something powerful enough to act like a phaser would create a visible flash in the air that might resemble a laser beam, but it wouldn't have variable settings, it would pretty much cook you where you stand.
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