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Re: January Challenge -- The Face of the Enemy

Ugh...what a slaughter. I wonder if the Jem'Hadar killed any of the Cardassians, or if that was Federation action alone.

And what a moment for this man--to look at this alien enemy and to realize that he was just a man like him, not a soulless menace.

Those Jem'Hadar weapons I always thought were a really hideous invention, to make their victims just bleed to death slowly. But that seems like typical Dominion psychology, now that I think of it--to force their enemies to feel the futility of resisting the Dominion. I also think it might be a deliberate slap against the "Solids," who can die from such a small wound if they continue to bleed. You really showed just how awful that is, here.

And for this Cardassian to try to give this man some dignity regardless of the anti-alien conditioning he surely went through...that just shows how deeply the horrors of war have affected him. Something tells me this man will never think of aliens in quite the same way again.
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