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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

Well, the only other Titan entries I'd read before this are their appearance in Destiny, so I don't have much to compare with. (I'd like to get around to the others at some point, but we'll see...)

That said, I'll join the chorus of "fascinating ideas, not sure about the execution." I've always been fascinated by the Gorn and really wished we got to see more of them, either onscreen or in TrekLit, so I was really looking forward to this book - oddly enough for the Gorn more than for Titan I think! What background we did get about the Gorn I really liked, and I kind of wished we could have spent more time with Captain Krassr and less with First Myrmidon Gog'ressh. The caste system was a nice way of explaining the different appearances of the Gorn, and I was glad to see "the Voice" as a plot point.

That said, there seemed to be quite a bit of repetition. The whole "S'Syrixx takes a hostage, then Riker hostage, to escape on a shuttle" ended nicely, but ultimately seemed to have no effect on the larger plot and was mostly there for S'Syrixx to internally monologue about untrustworthy mammals and Riker to meditate on untrustworthy lizards.

And really, there was a LOT of "untrustworthy mammals/lizards make me uncomfortable" stuff. I found this especially odd considering Dr. Ree has been Riker's CMO for some time now, and there's obviously other reptiloid crewmembers. Was Riker and co's antipathy towards S'Syrixx biological or political? They seem to have no problem with Ree, after all. That was the part that felt to me "after-school special"-ish. I wish we'd seen more of Ree, for what it's worth.

I was also really disappointed by not getting to see Tuvok's meld with the ecosculptor (and what was up with just the one flashback to Genesis testing but no followup, and just the one brief appearance of the AI before it got kablooeyed) or Riker's meeting with Captain Krassr, which is a shame because I thought the back half of the book flowed a lot more smoothly than the front half. The away team going down to Hranrar did seem foolish (BTW, what was up with Christine Vale in this book?), but I appreciated getting to see the Hranrarii.
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