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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. Alice is Wonderland (2010) - C-
2. Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) - A
3. Black Swan (2010) - A+
4. The Social Network (2010) - A

I've been wanting to see this since October and I'm glad it was released on DVD this week. This was a great movie, appreciated more mainly because I am a business student, that really showcased how a small college site became a worldwide empire. I really liked Eisenberg as the arrogant Zuckerberg and Timberlake and Garfield was great too. At first it might seem too talky, but this movie delves not only into how Facebook was created, and the kind of man Zuckerberg is, but how the business world works and how nasty it can get. It felt like a movie for the times in which we live (Most movies are about the past, this one was very easy to relate too because I'm on Facebook as are probably most of the users on this board) and it was one of the best films of 2010.

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