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Re: A General Science Refresher

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So called "computer science" is why a forum titled "Science and Technology" has 978 threads about how to how to use you Wii for better orgasms and 1 thread about biology, which slowly falls into thread oblivion after 1 reply.
No, that's the 'technology' part of the forum description. Computer Science is rather more narrowly defined.
Right, a couple of science threads that usually get 4 "that's cool" replies before they die. There are 17x as many tech threads. It will be what most people want it to be, that's fine, but it makes me think "awh shucks" because I love the science part and the tech part, PARTICULARLY comptuer tech, bores the everlivingshit out of me.

I don't care about your iPatch, I really don't. Other pepople do, that's fine, and I'm not saying people can't talk about their iPatch all they want.

Just sucks for me (and I imagine a couple others) about how little science is in "Science and Tech". I did a whole rant about it in TNZ last year.
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