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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Yeah I wish Sav had joined us a year or so before. I remember a friend of mine saying when we signed him that he was the kind of player you hate, unless he's playing for you. More players could do with his comittment levels. Looks like he's had enough though and can't blame him for taking the offer up.

Pearson's no defensive midfielder, although actually its hard to figure out exactly what kind of midfielder he is. He has the pace and power of an attacking midfielder coupled with the goalscoring ability of a goalkeeper! He's also never bloody fit! (Thanks a lot Billy Davies! Although clough gave him another deal which was mad!)

I think Steve Davis could fulfil the lone striker role, I just don't trust him to stay fit either. And frankly I don't trust Porter and I'm still unsure about him, he seems to have some kind of mind control skill that makes me think he's a really prolific striker, but when you actually look at his record its poor! For me Clough needs to sign two strikers...doubt he will.

so, Ben Davies (or Davis I get confused with em all) Common's replacement?

What's your view on bywater by the way? Interesting that our purple patch coincided with Fielding being between the sticks...
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