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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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As long as there's a Q, Moneypenny, opening gun barrel, 'Bond, James Bond', 'Shaken, not stirred', and he gets the girl at the end I'll consider it an improvement and right now don't care who writes it.
I liked that about QoS - that he didn't get the girl I mean. Notice that it was not only the first Bond film in which that happened, but also, remarkably, the first film in the franchise to raise the spectre of rape, which has of course traditionally been too ugly for the Bondverse. No coincidence that the two things featured in the same film, can't have Bond seducing a rape victim.
Not the first. It's pretty implicit in Licence to Kill with regards to Della that she was raped before she was killed. As Del Torro's character says "We gave her a nice honeymoon."

I'm not sure how clear it is whether Camile was raped. Obviously Metrano didn't at the end, its whether he raped her as a child, but this isn't suggested. She says he made her watch while he raped her mother and sister (I think) but it its almost implied the child was too small for him to bother with (which is why he didn't even kill her)
I didn't get that interpretation of the line in LtK myself, but in any case I don't think a single off-hand line quite compares to the spectre of rape which is critical to the Camile's 'damaged' character and her drive for vengeance.

Also in the 'off-hand line' category I think Honey Bear in Dr. No mentions that she was raped as a child whilst recounting her background to Bond. Clearly they hadn't quite settled on the tone of the series at that point.
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