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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Savage to Vancouver! Didn't see that coming. I somehow doubt it's a payday thing, I can't imagine they'd pay him that much, he isn't David Beckham after all!
Apparently they've sold over 20,000 season tickets already and have moved to a new $300m stadium. Sounds like they might have a bit of $$$ behind them afterall. He won't get Beckham money, but you'd imagine a nice decent signing-on fee and wages would probably not be beyond them.

I like the bloke, he's actually a different player to the one I always imagined. For a start a much better passer of the ball, and he comes across like a true pro. Someone on one of the 606 forums was joking that he might be made manager if clough went and that training would be pie and chips, which seems a really dumb thing to say (even by 606 standards) because the guy is bloody fit for his age, obviously takes very good care of himself and like I say seems a model pro, someone a lot of a younger players could do worse than look up to. I can't recall lurid stories of cheating on his wife, altercations in alleyways, drunken or drug fueled romps...I hope some of his better traits have rubbed off on the Derby players.
Wouldn't disagree with that at all. Testament to him that given his history with Derby he's managed to turn the vast majority of fan-opinion. You just really wish that we'd been able to get him a few years earlier when he was at the top of his game. A model professional, which I'd never have thought I'd be saying before or even when he joined us.

I'd still like us to sign another defensve midfielder though, Addison won't be at his best till next season, and neither he or Bailey over overflowing with experience.
I suspect that Clough may see Pearson in that role, rightly or wrongly.

The talk seems to be of Davis as the permanat signing with a loan defender and striker (personally I think a loan defender is a good idea, but really wish we'd sign another striker permanantly!)
Agree - Porter's the only out-and-out striker we have, the rest are all attacking midfielders-cum-strikers; Davies, Cwyka, Commons etc.
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