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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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So I gather that if Tressurian is ever finished that this is pretty much it for Exeter? That's too bad. It was always my favorite by far.

With the resque of the Exeter Bridge, (see Ajax post) the offer has been made for any or all actors to stop by and perhaps return to another episode, if not a guest staring role. We can donate and hope!
I'm doing what I can from my end. Was on the phone with Josh yesterday concerning some other indirectly related stuff, and every other phone call I touch on it. Some times it takes time for an idea to sink in, and for people to warm up to it. So I'm working on him. Give me time to wear Josh down on step at a time. When he's ready I think he'll begin talking to Jimm directly about it.

I just wish if we did Dennis would also be available to do more of his gorgeous Exeter CGI modeling. It would be a crime to step down from that to something less faithfully done.
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