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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. In the Heat of the Night (A+)
2. The Passion of Joan of Arc (B)
3. The Passion of the Christ (A)
4. Mamma Mia! (B)
5. All About Eve (A)
6. Looking for Anne (B-)

I decide to boost All About Eve up to A, on reflection.

This is a Japanese-Canadian coproduction, primarily for Japanese audiences, that is being shown in Canada now (primarily, I suspect, on PEI). The story is about a Japanese girl who travels to PEI to try and locate a soldier who was her grandmother's first love in 1946; various meditations on Japan's love affair with Anne of Green Gables ensue. It's low-key, and like a lot of indie cinema, there's not a tremendous amount actually happening. But it's cute and poignant at times, if a little on the nose in places. The actors, who are mostly limited in experience, all sell their parts well enough. PEI isn't used as a film location much (the last time was The Ballad of Jack and Rose, where we were pretending to be part of New England), so there's a lot of novelty in recognizing various locations (at least some of the shots are within a mile of my parents' cottage).
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