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Re: Batman's Rogues gallery in the Nolan-Verse

Any reason they couldn't use the orginal version of Clayface? He was just a stage actor using masks and makeup? Later they revamped him in that arc Mud Pack where he takes blood samples and injects them into himself giving us the shape shifting hulking monster we now know.

Black Mask would be another mob boss, just using the mask as a schtick not too unlike Joker's "war paint".

Penguin, like wise would be another type of mob boss and he likely wouldn't be disfigured at birth. They could play an angle that his fingers had been cut coming up the ranks giving his hands a 'flipper' look I suppose.

Catwoman would work fine as a thief with her whip gimmick and toned down outfit. Don't expect exploding cleavage I'd imagine or big goggles or purple suits.

Riddler wouldn't have to change really at all. He's about as straight forward as they come. Would his role be that of mob boss, doubt it. Could see him as they used the Scarecrow, a hired distraction for the mobs.

Killer Croc is hired muscle with his name being a handle. No green or scaley skin but he perhaps wears croc teeth in a necklace, wears croc boots perhaps.

Bane I could see as an out of town force muscling his way into the Gotham Underworld. They go with the revised version where hs is venomless but is a superb fighter.

Firefly is a hired thug who sets arson fires for insurance money. He plays only a bit part in some film with Penguin or Black Mask.
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