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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.


I want to say this episode sucked, but I just can't. This is an episode I remember quite fondly for some reason that I've seen it numerous times overs the years and have sort of a soft spot for it. The idea of using Seven's own ocular implant to detect the aliens is a neat idea, although I am concerned this won't come up ever again. There's a LOT of medico-babble here too.

Paris and Torres get to have fun and make out in various parts of the ship, which is dumb as hell, but can't help but feel it's cute as well. Janeway grills them hardcore which is entertaining to watch.

Janeway's solution to the problem is pretty extreme, but for once, I think I'm with her on this decision, plus it played out in a cool space sequence with Voyager barreling towards the anomaly at full steam.
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