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Re: TWOK on Bluray FX question

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Well the rest of the film looks great, the live action stuff looks very sharp, and the shift toward the cooler white balance isn't that upsetting, some might even like it. But these FX shots just look like crap, and it's a shame.
Agreed. I had to put in the blu-ray to see if it was true, and you're right. I had never noticed it! I mean, I can still easily enjoy the movie, but I was surprised to find that whole section went unnoticed by me. The rest of the film does look terrific, so I can let this slide because I just enjoy the whole movie. Well, that, and I gave away my DVDs a long time ago.
I'm with you. I got my set and watched all the films and this went totally by my eyes. I still enjoyed the film very much so and these changes didn't bother me at all. I agree that the warmer hues look much better though.
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