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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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I liked that about QoS - that he didn't get the girl I mean.
It would have been idiotic if he had, since QoS was a direct continuation of Casino Royale, and thus was about Bond coming to terms with losing Vesper. To saddle him with another woman just wouldn't be realistic (we'll categorize Strawberry Fields as a "relief bonk").

What I'm hoping that the they carry on with the plan to complete the trilogy. One of the reasons people hated so QoS so much is they didn't realize it was part 2 of a trilogy. So hopefuly they'll be able to complete the storyline, explain who Quantum is, introduce the new Blofeld (you know it's coming) and put the final bits of the Bond puzzle in place - Q and Moneypenny.

The only thing that tempers my enthusiasm is the assumption this will be made in 3-D. As I posted elsewhere, I do not enjoy 3-D movies and few places where I live bother showing the 2-D versions (I didn't even bother looking for a 2-D Tron Legacy). But I'm sure they'll still be making Blu-rays in 2013 so I'll enjoy Bond 23 then.

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