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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I'm interested in the actual story that Vanderbilt and Webb are going to present to us and how different is it going to be from what Rami did. One thing to do a's something else entirely to present something different though, that's what I'm looking for from this film. What is so different about this take from what Rami would have done with a Spidey 4?
It's hard to know without seeing the movie but I'm guessing there'll be more of an Ultimate Spider-man vibe. The casting seems younger. Not just Peter and his contemporaries (who will be the age that they were around the beginning of Raimi's first movie, IIRC) but Martin Sheen and Sally Field (Ben & May Parker) are younger and more vigorous than cliff Robertson and Rosemary Harris. Even more so Dennis Leary than James Cromwell (Chief Stacy).

Andrew is a very different actor to Tobey and looks very different; this isn't like when Jake Gylenhall was supposed to be replacing Maguire for Spider-man 2 (how many people wouldn't have noticed?!). Rhys Ifans is a long way removed from Dylan Baker and will also presumably be a very different Curt Connors (and will presumably also get to play the Lizard, unlike poor Dylan!).

Flash Thompson has been cast but not, unless I've missed it, Harry Osborne, so I wonder if Flash will form part of any central love triangle and if Harry will be omitted? Perhaps they don't feel there's any point including Harry if Norman/ Green Goblin isn't in the movie. And of course the other part of the love triangle will be Gwen Stacy, not MJ (hopefully Emma Roberts won't be wasted like Bryce Dallas Howard was).

Rumour had it Raimi's Spidey 4 would have had Peter & MJ raising a kid but obviously that won't happen in this movie.

I suppose then you have to consider the differences between a movie directed by the maker of Evil Dead and one by the maker of 500 Days of Summer. Admittedly, Raimi made a surprisingly sweet and old-fashioned first movie, with his ED tendencies only really emerging in the Doc Ock origin scene in S-M2. But I'm reminded of the way that Tim Burton and Chris Nolan each made very dark yet very different Batman movies. Burton's was all freaks & outcasts, gothic vistas and surrealism. Nolan's exhibited his penchant for fractured chronology and a slowly-revealed mystery. Hopefully this movie will similarly play to Webb's strengths.
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