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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. The Fighter: B-
2. Batman(90's saga): A-,B-,C-,D
3. Star Wars OT-Special Edition: B+, A, B

Yes this is the Greedo shoots first, CGI enhanced Tatooine scenes and city scapes with cheering citizens at the end of Jedi. I had sold my VHS copies some 10 years ago and Amazon had this set for $23 over the Holidays.

I hadn't honestly seen the OT in some time. I'm a Star Trek fan first, sci fi film second so I've never been one to have the SW saga on my list of frequently rewatched films.

I thought the transfers looked great. The colors were bold, the sound was terrific and it really is a sci fi classic. I'd dare say I found a new appreciation for the saga. I know that later this year they come out on Blu Ray and I honestly don't know at this point if I care to upgrade. Personally I was quite pleased with these in standard DVD.

I've just got one more saga to go through from my Black Friday purchases but my next film should be from Netflix. I've enjoyed revisiting films I haven't seen in 10-20years though.
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