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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I think you were right in your original point mate, it would have been far better had Jewell come in at the end of the season, rather than January. Sadly, the stigma of that shambolic campaign was on him as well, and he never recovered from that disastrous start.

Gadsby made some huge mistakes at the time - he seriously misjudged the level of investment necessary to compete in the Premier League, which led to the "We won't be there to make up the numbers" comment. He often let the fact that he was a fan get the better of him when he should have been keeping quiet, such as the "Raise the roof signings" comments. The final mistake was in his assessment of GSE and who they represent. He thought that they had the money, which he didn't, to make us able to compete - on current evidence, they didn't, or at least they didn't want to invest those sums of money. That's why he was vocal of his disappointment in the Americans, to the point of effectively getting booted out of the club, and why he offered to buy us back last year.

The thing to bear in mind though, was that current financial stability that we enjoy is largely down to Gadsby. We were also able to compete at Championship level, which we don't really do at the moment. Granted, we were 3rd/4th a few weeks ago, but it's a false position - the league is poor this year, and even then we haven't been able to maintain the form that got us there.

To be honest, at the moment, I'd settle for just being a very good Championship side.
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