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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well it was only really Savage and Tito wasn;t it? Mills was on loan, as was Ghalil (is that his name?) I still think Jewell was very close to becoming a legend, but for a handful of results over the Christmas period I think that season would have ended very differently. We were minutes away from beating Newcastle for the second time, would have likely beaten Blackburn if Howard had put his penalty away when we were one nil up, we were minutes away from drawing with Liverpool, and with Bolton. Don't get me wrong we'd have still gone down, but we wouldn't have gone down as the worst team ever, and it was that tag more than anything else that proved a millstone for the team and for Jewell the following year.

We could do worse than Gadsby, but he has to shoulder some of the blame for the 11 point season as well which makes me wary.
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