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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Yeah, can't disagree. When you play with a right back as centre half and a midfielder as right back...really hard to find anything good to say about any of them.
I really didn't get why we moved Brayford into the middle. Presumably Leacock was injured or suspended, but what about Anderson and Buxton? Or even O'Brien (it's a cup game afterall, blood him FFS!). Playing Brayford there mean't that we had to play Green at RB which is a complete waste of his talent.

I just don't know where to apportion blame? The players for not turning up? Nigel for having no plan B, the board for leaving us so starved of investment? Comes to something when Luke Moore, who seemed to make a huge difference to us, we can't sign and goes to Swansea!
Blame all-round last night. The players were dire, with little effort and application. Nigel certainly has us playing pretty football at times, but you're right, there is no plan B, and let's be honest, what were the chances of being able to play pretty football last night? Against a non-league side in absolutely dire conditions. It was never going to happen, but it seems to be the only way we can play, and when it doesn't work, we look completely ineffective.

I've defended the board a lot, I think there's a lot of merit in not living beyond our means, but right now we're like misers scrimping for every penny and if we aren't careful we'll end up relegated. Nigel has proven he can find/nurture talent but he needs to be able to bring in real experience, and real pace, and that means having to spend some money. Really I think its time Clough turned some of the ire he directed at certain players onto the board.
I'm not a fan of the board to be honest, or our owners. They take a lot of credit for the financial stability of the club but in truth most of that is the legacy left by Gadsby and the Premier League money. When Gadsby et al took over the debt stood at 55m. When GSE took over it stood at 32m with two parachute payments to come (8m each). GSE recently announced that the debt is now down to 15m, which is just the mortgage on PP. So in essence they've actually reduced the debt by 1m themselves. Well done! That's not to say though that they haven't actually put money in, they have, but look at where that money went - large amounts on funding Jewell's signings, and then another amount paying them all off when most turned out to be sh1te.

The board have said on numerous occasions that we need to be patient in terms of major investment on the pitch. Well, we're still within touching distance of the playoffs, in what has to be the most open championship in years, where there's no team that's running away with it. If the time isn't right now I can't see when it ever will be.

Given that we're in an open transfer window I can't wait to hear what BS Glick Turpin comes out with to justify NOT spending. AGAIN!
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