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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

There can be no complaints, they simply played us off the park, which is entirely our fault.

Too many players playing out of position and I'm still not entirely sure how Roberts gets anywhere near the first team, he's absolutely woeful. That being said, last night, they all were. Didn't look up for it at all, and the writing was on the wall from the first minute. The only real surprises for me were that it took them as long as it did for them to win the game, and that anyone really considers this a shock.

The penalty wasn't a penalty, Porter took a tumble, and Commons' effort was straight at the keeper. The two-footed tackle on Savage was probably as red card, although you could probably make an argument against that on the basis that his feet never left the floor, hence it probably didn't look to the referee as bad as it actually was.

A defeat is disappointing, but ultimately within the realms of possibility, a defeat where you've been played off the park by a non-league side, completely unacceptable.
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