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Re: Farscape Complete Series Deal of the Day

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I've been bad about this. I bought such a big TV, and it feels wrong not to utilize the whole screen. I'm trying to be better about it. Honestly, though, some shows actually look a little better stretched out on my TV. When I don't stretch them out, everything looks squished.
That is a very backwards argument. Having a small TV is an ok argument for zooming and stretching.

A 32" 4:3 CRT back in the day was considered pretty big, not to mention ridiculously heavy and annoying to move... On my 50" widescreen a non-stretched 4:3 image is still significantly bigger than that old CRT I upgraded from. So what is the problem that's so big that you need to distort the image? Ever see the camera pan in one of those zoom modes? It isn't pretty as the sides warp awkwardly.

And I have no idea how everything could look squished. Maybe Ben Browder just got a little chubbier in his post 4:3 days!

If the things in the actual frame are squished then you should probably feel the same way about widescreen since it's the same. So why not stretch widescreen some more. M
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