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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

REVULSION - 4x05 - 2/5

This episode is odd in that there are lots more interesting things happening in the background and you get the impression that main plot is just not that important. Tom and B'Elanna progress more, Neelix is actually being useful for once, Paris gets recruited as a nurse and Tuvok is promoted. Harry Kim is an idiot, but an amusing idiot. He is hopeless around Seven and it's clearly evident this guy's issues with women are fairly deep seeded.

The Doc and B'Elanna versus a psychotic alien hologram is better than the usual holodeck drama of the week, but it's a little lacking in substance. The alien hologram lacks any real depth or complexity, especially when compared to other holodeck antagonists like Professor Moriarty, making him boring, uninteresting and nothing more than a cliched horror archetype.
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