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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

I have to say that this thread (or at least the turn its taken for the last few posts) has articulated my feelings regarding the Titan series.

IMO, the series as a whole *does* feel preachy "diversity-wise", which is quite strange, because out of 7 Titan novels (10, if you include Destiny), the fact is that the diversity is not *that* hammered.

Honestly, I think the M&M novels are the source of this feeling, which is a bit of a problem I have with the authors' Trek novels as a whole - I'm all for diverse and different lifestyles, belief systems etc. both in real life and in fiction (especially Trek), but it can be a bit heavy handed being "force-fed", which is something I've felt has been recurring with most M&M novels.
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