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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

^I just don't understand that reaction. Do you feel "preached to" by the fact that Voyager's cast includes black, Asian, and Hispanic actors? Sure, there are some early Titan books that make a point of addressing the diversity of the crew, but in subsequent ones -- certainly the ones I've written -- the nonhumanoid crewmembers are simply there, participating in the stories like everyone else. Yes, their diverse viewpoints, beliefs, and so forth are addressed, but that's not preaching, that's just doing what any story does -- developing its characters' distinct identities and exploring the interactions and tensions among them.

I'm not trying to preach to anyone. I don't see why I should need to; I would expect that any Star Trek fan would acknowledge it as axiomatic that diversity and inclusion are good things. I'm just interested in exploring beings and cultures that are more interestingly alien than just another bunch of humanoids with a culture that represents some single particular human value or attitude.
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