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Re: New Catalog covers and info- cover/info not final

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OK, Ross was forced to retire rather than resign. He gets his pension then.

How is it uncharitable to point out that she's allowing Ross, whom you just referred to as her enemy, to simply walk away with no consequences?
Because it does not acknowledge that that decision is being made not because she wishes for him to escape without consequence, nor because she in some way benefits from the cover-up, but because of her judgment that doing so saves lives and prevents an unnecessary war. You're painting it as a morally simplistic decision done for seemingly selfish purposes when it is no such thing.

You keep claiming that to expose Zife's actions will inevitably lead to war with the Klingons.
No, I keep claiming that Bacco has concluded that this is what will happen and that this is what informs her subsequent decisions.

It can be pointed out that the perpetrators have all been arrested and will face justice for their crimes. Imagine what will happen when the Klingons not only find out about the source of the weapons but that the Federation lied about it and covered it up?
Certainly there is a risk involved in her decision to perpetuate the cover-up. This does not mean that in her view, a cover-up with the potential for a subsequent war is not a better option than an open inquiry leading inevitably to war.

Well, at least the Federation government doesn't want to upset the delicate sensibilities of it's citizens.
It would be more accurate to say that President Bacco doesn't want to unroot the peace that exists between the Federation and the Klingon Empire and sunder an alliance that has managed to save millions of lives over the decades. This isn't about the domestic situation, this is about preserving relations with a foreign state.

I guess it's a fungus-ocracy. Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.
Once again, you paint this as a corrupt decision made out of an attempt to control the Federation citizenry and subvert democracy, when it is no such thing. It's an attempt to preserve a good relationship with a foreign state -- and do remember that Bacco ran on the platform of preserving the Federation-Klingon alliance -- and to avoid a war that would kill millions of innocent Federates.

Now, you may disagree with her calculation that an open inquiry would inevitably lead to war. But this does not mean that Bacco's motives are corrupt or part of any attempt to systematically keep the populace in the dark and subvert democracy.

How convenient for everyone involved in Zife's murder that the Borg invaded when the did then. I'll bet they're breathing a sigh of relief.
If you actually read the damn books, you'd know that none of those characters are breathing any sigh of relief.
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