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TNG newbie + blogger

My uncle is letting us borrow his complete TNG collection, and I've already started watching it with my parents (who have seen it all before, naturally). Before that I had only seen a few random episodes as reruns on TV. I'd seen enough to know most of the characters' names, but I really didn't remember much else, and I'm sure there was a lot lost on me the first time around because I was so young. I remember Data having some sort of evil twin and "Ugly Bags of Mostly Water". I'm really excited about watching the whole thing chronologically!

So excited, in fact, that I'm also blogging about it. (waking dreams blog @blogspot dot com) This is the biggest non-fiction project I've ever taken on, and I feel like a Star Trek newb because I also have yet to see Deep Space Nine in its entirety, so... Any comments/critism on the blog will of course be appreciated!

And obviously, I joined the forum to meet other fans, so hello!

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