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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. The Fighter: B-
2. Batman(90's saga): A-,B-,C-,D

I got the 'Action Pack' of all 4 films which is just the films with no extras for a Black Friday deal of $5, couldn't pass that up just for the first film. Waited till I finished them all to post. I hadn't seen this films in 15yrs+ so it was time to revisit.

Batman is a great first big screen outing. His reveal in the opening scene is classic. "What are you?" and the reply, "I'm Batman". Outside of the initial entry this series does not hold up well at all. Nicholson's Joker is still lots of fun and I enjoy the more accurate origin I confess. Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale is gorgeous and good with Michael Keaton. Speaking of his Bruce Wayne comes off as a slightly detached aloof Bruce that I read in the comics.

Returns wasn't great but considering what followed this holds up a bit better. Wish we could've had a better Catwoman origin that was more true. Same for Penguin. This is essentially a "Christmas Movie" but I noticed the script carries many notes as the first film. Not sure I felt it was a "reused and tweaked" script at the time as I did now.

Forever, I wonder if Burton had stayed on the series if he would've regressed more from Returns or done better? Was the series destined to decline or did Schumacher really start that, Returns was a drop off all on its own as well. This movie is essentially a "Halloween movie". Two Face and Riddler break into Wayne mansion on Halloween night. We see the trick-or-treaters. Two Face has the comic look and his acid bath origin is mentioned in passing. Jim Carrey must've been told to channel Frank Gorshin's TV Riddler. I'm probably spoiled by the last 20yrs of Riddler stories NOT being goofy that the portrayl rings wrong.

Batman & Robin...where to start. I had forgotten(probably for the best) all the horrible sexually laced innuendo and statements. Poison Ivy telling Robin that if he's good he can "tend her garden" was just horrid in delivery. Arnold's Mr.Freeze does get props from the costume department, his outfit wasn't bad. I could at least see something like that from the comics. For all the sexiness Schumacher was trying to ooze in this film I'm not sure why Ivy had green leotards on and not actually showing more skin like the comic counterpart. That could've made it a tad more watchable. The Batman credit card scene...oh boy!! Soooo much to mention but this is just a bad film.

So I take it this series portrays Batman over a 2-4 year period if you assume some chronolgy using the Holidays as a marking point.

I told a friend that I hope in 10-15yrs I'm not looking back on Nolan's Batman films and saying something similar. It was probably a statement made out of what I'd just seen. He reminded me that Nolan's films really play more like crime dramas and keep the more zany elements at bay or not incorporated at all. Good reminder, Nolan's Batman should hold up over time well.
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