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Re: THE CAPE | “Pilot” & “Tarot” (Jan. 9) *Spoilers!*

Just watched the pilot, not sure I want to watch the 2nd episode because FUCKING HELL that was piss poor. It needed a 2 hour pilot not a rushed 42 minute opening episode though I doubt that would of saved it...

ZERO character development, massive pacing issues and the most poorly structured thing I've seen on TV in years. The training bit should be the most important part of the birth of the hero but was over so quickly with no answer given on how much time has passed and then all of a sudden were taking too the boat docks where he fights Vinnie Jones character...HOW THE FUCK did they know about the boat shipment ? Also I can't take the use of a cape seriously as a weapon.

The bit where he breaks out of the chains underwater GIVE me a fucking break and the people who train him are criminals so why the fuck should I care about them ?

Also the smoke trick pisses me off because its such a fucking cheap CGI deux ex crap for the writers to use, that old guy goes from a chair to upstairs on the other side of the room in mere seconds, give me a break.

This show will tank.
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